Monday, July 27, 2015

2015 Interviews

The world according to you guys, 2015 edition...

Matthew, you were in a silly mood! (And for the record, Jason has never punched you in the face. That little nod was your really bad poker face.)

Parenting Goals

Parenting. Sometimes we get lost in the grades and travel teams and college admissions and homework and broccoli and teeth brushing and math proficiency and batting averages and room cleanups and chores. And we miss out on the good stuff.

This is the good stuff.

Dad is the best Dad
Mom is the best Mom
Matthew is the best brother
and Jason loves 
them the most.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life Lesson #2

People who leave their weights on gym equipment are the worst. 

Also, the girls are there to work out, not to be picked up ;)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

25 Things About Mom

Several years back, this was a thing. I posted 25 Random Things About Jason on this blog way back then, but I just came across the one I wrote about myself. It is from February 2009, so some things have changed...most notably, there was no Matthew yet!

1) Okay, I give in. I've been tagged by this too many times to continue putting it off...

2) I am a master procrastinator.

3) I love making lists and crossing things off. Often, if I accomplish something that wasn't on my list, I'll write it down and then cross it off just to get the satisfaction.

4) I almost always finish my Christmas shopping in November.

5) I almost always send out Christmas packages in January. (see #2)

6) I have two sons, Michael Patrick and Jason Henry. Michael was stillborn in 2006 and I miss him every day. Jason was born screaming his healthy lungs out in 2007. That scream was the best sound in the whole entire universe.

7) I hate it when strangers ask me how many children I have. I usually lie and feel guilty about it later.

8) I also hate it when people refer to stillbirth as "miscarriage."

9) I am not a fantastic housekeeper, but I insist on freakish order in certain places (paperwork, DVDs, books, pantry, closets)

10) I don't mind diapers, but I HATE HATE HATE cleaning sippy cups.

11) I am a fast and frequent reader.

12) When I got engaged at 20 everyone thought I was crazy.

13) I wasn't ;)

14) I once got a D- in college (Materials Science). Which is actually pretty impressive, when you consider I showed up to 3 classes (first day, midterm, final) and didn't turn in an end-of-term project.

15) I tried the "attend 3 classes" routine in Statistics and got an A-.

16) I know the names of all the "Thomas" trains.

17) I call my Mom & Daddy every day.

18) I did not watch television on a regular basis until I married my husband.

19) I have not slept more than three consecutive hours since Jason was born.

20) I used to dance and miss it terribly.

21) I hate my husband's cat.

22) I never thought of myself as very "Mommy-ish." But it turns out I am!

23) I get my hair cut about once/year.

24) I have lived in 22 different houses/apartments.

25) If I could spend the day with any two people, I would choose Jon & Jason. I guess that makes me a lucky girl!