Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet little boy! We celebrated on the North Carolina beach with Mamo, Granddaddy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Lenny, Uncle Matt, Mr. & Mrs. Hodges, Napoleon, Josephine, and Paddy. You got lots of fun presents, but your favorite part was devouring the rainbow sprinkle birthday cupcake. There was so much icing up your nose you sneezed sprinkles all night!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Your facial expressions and word choices are constant sources of amusement lately, as you are in the midst of a massive language acquisition phase. Intensity is the name of the game when it comes to your emotions and opinions, which leads to a lot of lip-biting on my part while I try to hold in my giggles. Here are some of my favorite Jason quotes:

"Oh no, that's a puma!"
Despite our suburban location, you keep hoping to spot a puma in the grocery store parking lot. The eternal optimist!

"Jason scared the peacock."
You scared the bejesus out of a peacock one day at the zoo, and he returned the favor by squawking loud enough for half of New Jersey to hear it. You still have dreams about that peacock, often talking about him in your sleep.

"Skip, skip, skip the balloon"
Instead of the song lyrics of "Skip to My Lou."

"Jason, what are you doing? Jason's playing with the blue lego (or fill in the blank)"
This is funny stuff. You talk to yourself, asking questions and then answering them.

"Put it right HERE."
You definitely know what you want.

"I need Mommy's lemon."
Although come to think of it, you don't just WANT things, you NEED them.

"That's a good muffin"
Overheard at sushi dinner, after you hijacked Daddy's california roll.

"She's crying. She's sad. She wants his Mommy."
Upon hearing a little girl crying at the store.

"Jason's laughing. Jason's funny!"
I agree :)

"Ouch! That hurt your hiney! Mommy kiss it."
Cute now, but not permission to tell me to kiss your ass when you're older.

"Big monkey read the book. Look, big monkey, it's a parrot fish."
You like to read your stuffed animals bedtime stories, making sure to point out all the important details.

"Let's do-it again! Once more time!"
You think these two phrases are synonymous, not quite grasping the meaning of "once."

"Ayudame! I'm stuck."
Thanks to Diego, you even know a few Spanish words!

"Hola Mommy. Adios Mommy."
Another point for Diego and Handy Manny.

"Ohhhhh, pancake..."
Funniest moment ever while pining over a pancake at the diner.

"I need a hug...mmm that's a good hug, Mommy!"
This never fails to get a smile out of passersby.

"I ludyou"
I love you, too!