Friday, May 28, 2010

Thoughts On Your Arrival

Dear Matthew,

I meant to write a note to you on the eve of your birth, but since you decided to make your entrance two days ahead of schedule--which is pretty much the only inconvenient thing you've done in your entire life--I haven't had a moment to write until now.

So, what to say to you as you enter our world? It is hard to put such emotion into words--especially since I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep at the moment--so I'll have to rely on "I love you." You don't have to DO anything to be loved. Really. You don't have to like baseball or make good grades or eat your vegetables to make me love you. I love you exactly as you are, exactly as you will be. Right now all you do is eat, sleep, poop, and cry, and I adore every bit of your tiny self. Sure, you're going to make me upset sometimes, and I'm positive I'm going to piss you off as well. But as your big brother told me just yesterday, "Mommy, I was very angry at you and you were loving me anyway."

Always remember that. No matter what happens in your life, I'll be here loving you!

Love, Mommy