Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life Lesson #1

The difference between people who are late and people who are NOT late:

People who are late
1. Figure out how long it takes to get from Point A to Point B. 
2. Calculate departure time using the following formula: (intended time of arrival) - (travel time) = departure time.
3. Start getting ready to leave at departure time.
4. Pull out of the driveway 15 minutes after departure time.
5. Arrive at destination 15 minutes late.

People who are not late
1. Figure out how long it takes to get from Point A to Point B.
2. Calculate departure time using the following formula: (intended time of arrival) - (travel time) = departure time.
3. Start getting ready to leave 15 minutes before departure time.
4. Pull out of the driveway at departure time.
5. Arrive at destination on time.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First 50 Words, Part 2

Matthew, this news is a few weeks old now, but you are officially Talking.  Capital T.  I managed to keep a list of your first 50 words, which was quite a feat considering you absolutely refuse to speak on command.  Even more impressively, I didn't lose the list.

Regular blog readers may remember Part 1 of this series (Jason) here.  I thought you boys would have more overlaps, but even the 14 common words (starred below) differ in delivery.  Kind of cool that we get to know your "ouch" pronunciations so well.  Jason did this dramatic, two syllable "ow-cha" while Matthew has a soft litte, "ach."  Both so sweet!

Okay, here are the first 50.  At press time you've already added at least 10 more!
* 1) All Done ("Allda" complete with hand motions and an insanely cute face)
* 2) Baby
3) Strawberry
* 4) Apple
* 5) Up
* 6) Daddy
7) Tree
* 8) Truck
9) More (with respect to food..."ma ma ma MA MA!")
10) Flap (with flapping arm motions)
11) Oink (really more of a snort)
12) Tweet (in a very high pitch)
13) Duck)
* 14) Quack
15) Cheese (for cameras AND the dairy product)
16) Fishy ("ishy")
17) Wood ("oof" and so stinking cute)
18) Jason
19) Neigh
* 20) No (nanananana)
21) Nadi (this is what you call me)
22) Hat (and you pat your head)
23) Socks (you are OBSESSED with socks)
24) Eye (while poking yourself in the eye)
25) Book
26) Read (this is the best, you scoot your rear end into a lap for a story)
27) Door
* 28) Ouch ("ach")
* 29) Bubble (for carbonated water and actual bubbles)
* 30) Boom
31) Uh-oh
32) Hi
33) Bye-bye
34) Rock
35) Stuck
36) Stick (stickers)
37) Swing
38) Wee
39) Slide
40) Outside
* 41) Boo
* 42) Ball
43) Sit (pronounced, "shit," so that is lots of fun when you say it in public)
44) This
45) This one (diswaa)
46) Dino ("diiiiiie")
47) Water ("awa"
48) Flower
* 49) Noni
50) Mamo

Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Days


Last year around this time, you attended your first day of school.  I dropped you off and wished I could tell the teacher something--anything--to make her understand how important you are to me.  To let her know that if she would only look past your unwillingness to sit in circle time, your disinterest in writing, and your propensity to jump around wildly singing Cee Lo Green songs, she would see how smart, funny, kind, sensitive, and wonderful you really are. I wanted her to preserve your innocence, to listen to your stories, to encourage your individuality, to spark in you a passion for learning. I wanted her to love you and protect you. 

Fast forward to bedtime tonight, on the first day of a brand new school year with that very same teacher.  You whispered, "Mommy, did you know that everyone in the whole world has different color hair, and different birthdays, and different color skin, and different Mommies, and different color houses, and different ages, and different talking...isn't that great? Mrs. G told me about that. It would be really boring if everyone was the same.  And I would be very confused."  And I said, "I love you, Jason."  And you said, "I know that, Mommy."  

Sometimes God puts the exact right person in the exact right spot to help you along life's path, and you just need to stop and appreciate it. So tonight in our prayers, we thanked Jesus for your wonderful teachers.  You are so blessed!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

You are officially a big boy after getting your first haircut yesterday. You had these beautiful little curls and people started assuming you were a girl, so I finally broke down and got them cut off.  You're welcome.
Checking out a book...everything seems okay so far...
...until the water and scissors came out.
Then you got distracted by a piece of hair in your mouth.
A little traumatized from the experience, but very handsome!!