Saturday, February 27, 2010

Topics of Conversation

I struggle with ways to describe life with you as a 2.75 year old. We sure do laugh a lot! I think my best bet is to simply to let you speak for yourself. So here is a little snippet of a typical conversation. The dialogue is transcribed below the video.
Daddy: I'm going to give you donkey ears.
Jason: No!
D: And a tail.
J: No, don't do that.

D: Why not?

J: You're not gonna run into the fox, and you're not gonna give me donkey ears, and no tail.
D: Why don't you want donkey ears and a tail?
J: I don't like it. I don't like to be that.

D: You don't want to be a donkey?

J: I don't like to be a donkey, and then the...and then all the donkeys will be Jasons and I won't be Jason anymore! And I'm gonna be Jason! And I'm not gonna be a donkey!!

D: Do you like to be Jason?
(beep beep beep)

J: Is it ready? I think it is!

D: Is what...
J: Are they ready?

D: Are what ready?

J: Are the muffins ready?

D: I don't think those are the muffins. I think that was the fire alarm. Mommy was burning the muffins. Mommy's good at that. Say, "Mommy, you better not have killed my muffins."
J: Mommy, please don't kill my muffins. I want to eat 'em.

Mommy: Okay, I'll try not to kill the muffins.
D: Jason, can you sit down please? Jason, sit down please. One, two...

J: Three.

D: High five, good job. Down low. One more time.'re to slow!
J: giggles :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Museum Fun

We found a new museum last week with Judah-Brackin-Micah and decided to take Daddy there over the weekend.

Making Daddy the happiest man alive:
Scaring Mommy:Playing bongos like Uncle Lenny taught you:Ingesting who knows how many germs on the giant wooden tractor:This little boy asked, "Where are we going?" and you replied, "I don't know, it is a pretend truck." You adored the Bernoulli Principle exhibit and spent a good half hour trying to figure out the floating ball:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Begging Protocol

Sometime between my childhood and present day, the definition of fund raising seems to have changed. When I was raising money for a school trip we washed cars, sold chocolate, held a spaghetti know, put forth some sort of effort before expecting random strangers to send us on a free ski vacation. Now, three high school girls wearing Uggs, North Face jackets and $200 jeans block the entrance to my favorite bagel shop while texting on their iPhones and wordlessly holding out tin cans.

If, by some bizarre circumstance, I someday allow you to participate in such nonsense, it might help your cause if you hold the door for hugely pregnant women trying to ease their toddlers through said entry. Just saying.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These are a few of your favorite things

You are starting to understand the concept of favorites, constantly telling us about yours and wanting to know about ours. Your faves change daily, but here is a sampling of the current winners.

Fictional character: Lightning McQueen
Letter: W
Class: gymnastics
Toy: matchbox cars
Animal: cow
Meal: sushi
Treat: "chewies" (gummy candies)
Ice cream: chocolate with m&ms
Drink: "bubbly" water
Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Song: "The Muffin Man"
Restaurant: Mama's Caboose
State: Nevada
Pattern: stripes
Physical activity: jumping
Instrument: drums
Mall activity: throwing coins in the "mountain"
Sport to play: baseball
Sport to watch: golf
Saying: "I like it a lot" (a la Dumb and Dumber)
Art project: glitter
Thomas train: Gordon
Chore: putting clothes on hangers
Weather: snow or sunshine (both involve playing outside)
Museum exhibit: puppet show

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bedtime brushing

You are such a big boy lately, and increasingly independent. You love brushing your teeth in your Elmo jammies...
...but you don't have much patience for unsolicited assistance...
...and you have officially inherited "The Look" gene. Can't wait to be on the receiving end of that one during the years to come!