Monday, August 16, 2010

Underwear Man

The corollary to the "bury Matthew under all his toys" game: "Underwear Man"

Matthew, you sure are a good sport!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daddy's Turn -- Some Simple Advice

Hello boys! Today your father is taking a turn as "Guest Editor" on your mother's blog. And by "taking a turn" I actually mean "taking advantage of the fact that your mom left her account logged in." You really have to be careful with this Internet thing; you never know what some joker might do.


She'll probably be a lot more careful in the future, and I will most definitely get scolded thoroughly for my hacking. So I'm using this, my likely singular chance to write here, to give you the only really important advice you need in life. Seriously.

Not long from today you'll start rolling your eyes at my goofy pronouncements, embarrassing one-liners, misplaced metaphors, and old-fashioned opinions (just watch how your mom does it, because apparently it's both easy and addictive). That's why I'd like you to pay attention now, while you are very young and impressionable, because this advice matters.

I have to confess that I'm really just paraphrasing a lifetime of things I learned from Noni and Grandpa, your Uncle Bubba, my own grandparents, Father Turi, a couple of really good friends, a few great books, and of course your mother. OK, Star Wars and The Princess Bride too. And exactly for that reason -- yes, I'll say it again -- you have to pay attention. Those all are much more reliable, thoughtful, and interesting than I.

In summary, my sons, this is quality counsel, derived from superior sources than the one most readily available to you (um, me). Read it, think about it, internalize it, and above all I say follow it! You won't be sorry:

Live big, be brave, and love everyone.

See. I told you. That's guidance that will never fail you. It's going to lead you in different directions at different points in your life, but if you keep it in mind you'll always have the best parts of yourself in the driver's seat.

I love you both, thiiiiiiiis much.

-- Daddy

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Matthew's Toys

J&M (Right now I'm thinking it is a good thing Jason wasn't named Steve or Sam!),

You've dreamed up another new game to play together. I like to call it, "The bury Matthew under all his toys game."



Today, after a couple years of producing what can only be described as random scribbles, you decided to start writing! Your first session included cat, hat, watermelon (I had to help you spell this one!), Noni, and, of course, Jason. You're so proud of yourself!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Story Time


Now that Matthew's a bit bigger you're beginning to play together. Jason, you like to hold Matthew on your lap (with close supervision) and turn on his toys for him (especially his swing). My favorite brother activity so far is story time. You hold hands while sitting in your respective "story" chairs: