Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When you grow up...

I will be delighted if you someday stay up until midnight shoveling snow on the evening before a pre-dawn airport departure, simply so your wife doesn't have to do it when she wakes up.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It was 17 degrees last night, yet for some idiotic reason it won't qualify as "Winter" for another two weeks.

One of the world's many mysteries, my little man.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eighteen Months Old

You are eighteen months old now. Sniff. My tiny baby is all gone, and I have a wonderful big boy in his place.

I've decided to post a little status update, since I have pretty much given up on the idea of keeping up with your baby book.

At your 18 month appointment you were 29 lbs (50-75th percentile) and 34 inches (90-95th percentile).

You are growing increasingly particular, and you can throw one heck of a tantrum. You don't do it very often, but when you decide you really want something, WATCH OUT! This day you wanted to go back to the park, and you were inconsolable for about 45 minutes:

You say several hundred words, and you add to your vocabulary every day. Some words still need some refining, like "disonaur" and "double-boo". You are putting several words together, like "ABC puzzle, Daddy," "Mommy light on pease," and "I-wan-the-______!"

You could read books all day long. This makes me so very happy, because I am a bookworm too! Two of your favorite books are letter/number books. You can identify all uppercase letters and numbers 1-9. Here is proof:

You know some shapes: circle, triangle, square, oval, and diamond. You also are learning colors, although they are still pretty tough. You reliably identify: black, white, pink, and yellow. The rest are sort of iffy.

You adore stickers. Other craft activities like crayons, markers, and stamps are fun, but they still don't compare to stickers. Your scribbles are growing from short, straight, horizontal marks (left) to longer, more loopy designs (right).

Another favorite activity of yours is trains. You don't know this yet, but you are getting a train/lego table for Christmas and I could not be more excited. You are going to love it! You know the names of all the trains (Thomas, Gordon, and Percy being the preferred trains), and you especially like pushing them under bridges.

You are also obsessed with peg puzzles, and you can put together simple 10-piece jigsaw puzzles. Again, you can be very particular about which puzzle you want to do. The fire truck puzzle is simply not an acceptable option when you really want the zebra puzzle!

After four semesters of Music Together, you are starting to enjoy music a lot. You like to sing the "Hello Everybody" song, and you name all of your friends, family members, emergency vehicles, and Baby Jesus when you sing. You enjoy playing the drums. A lot. You have a little xylophone/piano, but I don't think what you do with it can be qualified as "playing". It is more of an extreme hammering.

You are a silly, silly monkey and spend hours running back and forth in your playroom. On this day we had such a blast (not to worry, you were ouch-free after the crash at the end):

One of the things I love to watch is you learning to play with your friends. Most of the time you engage in side-by-side play, but slowly you are beginning to truly interact with them. You and Judah love to read books together and put together puzzles. The other day you and Noa spent 30 minutes tossing your giant fish pillow around, laughing your tiny bottoms off! Sharing is very difficult, but we aren't giving up :)

You are a champion eater. For a while you rejected meat/chicken/etc, but now you are warming up to those things. Grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, fruit, oatmeal, pizza, and soup are some of your favorite things to eat.

Sleeping is a constant struggle. Recently you learned to fall asleep in your bed all by yourself. Hooray for Jason! You still have not slept through the night, or anything close. You typically wake 3x a night. You last about 3 hours in your own bed, and then you sleep with Mommy & Daddy. This has worked well so far, but you are getting so big! You spread out like a giant starfish in the middle of the bed, and Daddy & I are relegated to the edges.

You continue to be the sweetest thing, very generous with kisses and hugs, and we love you more than anything else in the whole universe!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Mamo and Granddaddy...

J, today you asked me to transcribe a letter for you. Being the accommodating Mommy that I am, I complied and even attempted a translation.

Mamo! Greendaddy! (Dear Mamo and Granddaddy,)

Mamo. Houuuuse. (I miss you! I had a wonderful visit with you.) Riiice! Black beans! Pumpkin pie! (You fed me very yummy things like pumpkin pie and Cuban food, and now Mommy is trying to make me eat green beans instead. Ew.) Fishy food! (I enjoyed feeding the fishies.) Golf balls! (To the delight of Granddaddy, I think golf is the coolest.) Hewwooooo Ah Kaffee (I really had fun with my Aunt Kathy, too, and like to sing songs with her.) Lenny! Bongos! (Uncle Lenny taught me how to play the bongo drums.) Outside! (I have no clue why it is 19 degrees here, when I was just playing outside in 70 degree perfection last week.)

Mamooooo :( Greendaddy :( (I miss you!!! Love, Jason)