Wednesday, June 29, 2011


You are just the cutest thing. Really, it is just ridiculous!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Disney World

So, after several weeks of intense lobbying, I finally let Daddy talk me into a Disney trip. Thank goodness I did! Can you believe it was his first trip?
First on the agenda: Mickey ears and sugar
Our hotel had a beach...

...and Matthew's favorite thing about Disney World, this totem pole.

Jason braved Donald...

...but after Mickey poked him in the eye...

...he was no longer a fan of the live characters... we skipped the (very very very long) lines and did photo ops with statues!

Magic Kingdom!

Daddy and Jason flying on Dumbo
Matthew loved watching the characters and people!
Making our way through the Hundred "Aker" Wood
This jumping water at EPCOT is cooler than most of the rides!
Waiting for big brother to ride Prince Charming's carousel for the 43rd time
Note to self: next time get more pictures with the whole family!
Tuckered out!

Cardio for Real Men

Granddaddy came to visit you boys a few weeks ago and we nearly wore him out on the first day!