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Monday, June 2, 2014

Fish! By: Jason

A sample of your school work at the end of 1st grade. I love watching you learn and grow!
Love, Mom

Introduction: Cast, Bite, reel, a fish!
Read this Book to 
Learn about Fishing! 
Have you gone fishing? 
I have. It is fun. You 
shold read this Book!

Chapter 1 Puting on Bate
First Put bate on a hook. Cast
the line out. wait. 
If youre a kid ask an adult 
for help. The hook might poke you.
Its really painFull!

Chapter 2 feeling
If you feel somthing it mihgt 
Be a fish. It might Be seaweed.
It looks lik the pole Bending when you
get a fish. Somtimes it is seaweed.
Mabye it's the waves.

3 reeling
When you think you find 
a fish reel. See what it is. What is
it? A fish! See my
fish on my
Computer for the spisices.
True! Ive caught
13 spisies of fish

4 catching
If you Hav a fish Choose to eat it 
or not. if you choose to eat if you
want to keep fishing you can. 
If you want to stop you can to.

5 Whihging
I think you kow what im gonna say
next! whihging! if the fish is 5 lBs
you can eat all of it if its 181 lBs 
it will take long to eat. Choose
4 lBs. Thats perfect! Really.
I'm seuriuos. Big groupers

If you eat
181 lbs
you'd get