Sunday, September 6, 2009


You've been experimenting with quite the assortment of hats lately:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Daddy and I have have been engaged in an argument about canned tomatoes for going on 10 years now. When we were newlyweds the conversation typically went something like this:

Me: "I picked up some tomatoes to make sauce tonight."
Daddy: "Those are Progresso."
Me: "So?"
Daddy: "They aren't Cento."
Me: "So?"
Daddy: "My mother uses Cento."
Me: "So?"
Daddy: "So, I'm not eating sauce made with crappy Progresso tomatoes."
Me: *runs to store to buy proper tomatoes*

I've since learned to never buy a tomato product without Cento written on the can, and the discussion has evolved into:
Daddy: "I like the pureed tomatoes better than these crushed tomatoes."
Me: "Last time I used pureed, and you said you liked the crushed better."
Daddy: "My mother uses pureed."
Me: "I have your mother's recipe right here. It says, 'pureed or crushed.'"
Daddy: "That's wrong. I'm sure she uses pureed."
Me: "Then go ask your mother to make you the sauce!"

So, hopefully you won't be nearly the pain in the ass your father is about this, but just in case you feel the urge to utter the words, "My mother uses ____," here are the correct sauce parameters. Bone-in pork chops. Cento crushed tomatoes. Cento tomato paste. Barilla pasta. Extra garlic. Chopped parsley. Fresh parm. Fresh romano.