Friday, February 20, 2009


You have two freckles. One on your right wrist, one on your left thigh. I'm half-delighted to know this little detail, and half-horrified that your sun exposure has already resulted in two freckles. Isn't that crazy? The only explanation:

Motherhood = Guilt

Thursday, February 12, 2009


When you encounter a drive-through window, don't forget to turn off your wipers!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Due to a nasty cold (two nasty colds, actually, one for you and one for me), I relaxed my normal tv rules today. We spent most of the afternoon enjoying a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon while snuggling and blowing our noses. We did take a few breaks to do the "Hot Dog Dance" and I briefly wondered what the neighbors would think if they saw us through the window. Donald Duck is your favorite character. In this video clip, the Handy Helpers dump water on Donald's head and you kept laughing like a nut and asking to "do it again" and again and again. Thank God for Tivo!

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About You

I recently listed "25 Random Things About Me" as a silly little exercise on Facebook (it makes me cringe to think of how old-fashioned you will think Facebook is when you read this!), and I thought it would be fun to share 25 random tidbits about your latest quirks.

1) You eat your pizza cheese-side down.

2) You HATE...and I mean HATE...having your diaper changed. Often, this results in poop all over your feet, legs, tummy, or hands. So far I've managed to keep you from eating it. Lucky for you...

3) Because I shower when you sleep, you think the shower belongs to Daddy.

4) When we eat in restaurants, you insist on eating the lemon in my Diet Coke (yes, I know this isn't great for your tooth enamel; I'm trying to break the habit). You suck on it for a moment and then say, "Yucky yuck!"

5) Aside from that, you are typically a lovely restaurant companion!

6) Your latest obsession is Play-Doh. You like to cut it and direct me to "Make a 'A'" or another letter. You also like to "squish it" into the different molds and make "Spaghetti O's." Which is pretty funny because you have never eaten Spaghetti O's.

7) You have nouns and verb usage down pretty well. However, sometimes the stuff in between gets a little jumbled up, resulting in sentences such as, "Thomas issa blue one ash sha sha up the hill. Choo choo!"

8) Cashiers love you because you always say "Thank you."

9) You choose your pajamas every night.

10) You also choose your shirt every morning.

11) You have a favorite lunch spot where the ladies know your name and "regular" order.

12) You think yelling, "Jon!!!" means "Come here!" Often you will yell, "Mommy? Jon!" or, "Kitty kitty? Jon!" and of course, "Daddy? Jon!"
I suppose that means I should stop yelling up the stairs for Daddy :)

13) You like showing things to your friends, as in, "Look Judah, that is Big Bird." I know that doesn't seem very interesting, but the way you say it is so matter-of-fact that it sounds adorable.

14) You enjoy bathtime, but despise having the water poured over your head. When YOU pour it there is no problem. But if Daddy wields the cup you'd think you were undergoing Chinese water torture.

15) When you are bored at home, you run over to the shoe bin, grab your shoes, yell, "Go for a ride," and sing, "Shoes-on, shoes-on!"

16) When you are bored in a store, you say, "Go get it, car!"

17) Every time we walk into Target you must "visit Elmo" before leaving. You are sure to give me frequent and insistent reminders in case I forget.

18) Daddy drinks carbonated water, and you always ask for a drink. Without fail, you grimace and spit the water out everywhere.

19) You regularly bump your head or fall down on purpose, and then run over to me so I can "kiss it."

20) Your idea of a fun game is to kick your shoes off while we shop. I usually catch on quickly, but there is a brand new $40 Stride Rite left shoe somewhere inside our favorite Ikea store.

21) You figured out that the Thomas stickers decorating your playroom wall actually unstick. You've been driving me a little nuts peeling them off!

22) We go to a nearby nature museum and you think the coyotes and owls and frogs are your friends. You talk about them frequently and even include them in your bedtime "good nights."

23) You can say the sign of the cross and almost have the hand motions mastered. Instead of forehead-belly button-left shoulder-right shoulder, you do forehead-chin-left cheek-right cheek.

24) You absolutely adore your Daddy and prefer him over all others for bedtime stories.

This morning when you woke up feeling sick, you said, "Mommy kiss it. Mommy fix Jason." Oomph. Right through the heart.