Friday, June 26, 2009

Shame on me.

Oh Jason. I have been a terrible blogger. The good news is, we've simply been having too much fun for me to sit down and write you a letter! You are such a blast lately--easygoing, happy, conversational--and I love every minute we spend together. I know my account of Spring 2009 is woefully inadequate, but here are a few thoughts:

- We spent a wonderful week on the North Carolina shore with Mamo, Granddaddy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Lenny, and Uncle Matt. You were afraid of the waves but had a grand time playing in the sand and looking for seashells. We celebrated your second birthday on the trip, and your favorite gifts were a bundle of helium balloons (from Aunt Kathy) and a Bertie the Bus model (Mr. & Mrs. H***).

- It rained on at least 24/26 days so far this June. You've been so bummed! No park, no playing outside, no tee ball, no bubbles...finally I embraced the weather and we spent an entire afternoon jumping in puddles. You are a big puddle jumping fan.

- You learned to drink from a regular cup.

- We had a lovely bridal shower for Aunt Michelle, during which Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Bubba, Uncle Dave V, and Uncle Dave F thought it would be a good idea not only to bring you to the shower venue for lunch, but to allow you to run wild through the throngs of Italian women in attendance. Given your smashing good looks and charming personality, it wasn't a terrible disaster :)

- Michael Jackson died yesterday. The news is streaming MJ coverage. Such a tragic much talent, so much wasted. I do love his music, though. Nothing else like it.

- Your current stats: 31 pounds and 36 inches.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Two Years Ago...

Since I didn't get around to starting this blog until you were nearly a year old, I thought it would be fun to show exactly how much you've changed. Here you are on the day you were born:
And here you are now:
Maybe things aren't so different, after all!