Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter


Most of our days are spent in a pleasant rhythm of laughter, cuddling, playing, learning, and the occasional meltdown. You are so damn cute that I usually don't mind the tantrums or difficult moments.

Every now and then (contrary to my own mother's reportedly blissful experience parenting a toddler) you make me nuts.

Easter Sunday, 2009, was one of those days.

The moment we stepped into church, you began screaming, "No go to church! No see Baby Jesus!" And the day went downhill from there.

Happy Easter.

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  1. Jason, In my experience, this little episode merely indicates an overabundance of neurons firing in your brain, dancing from subject to subject every few seconds. Happily, males are gifted in this regard. However, you will soon find that there are a couple of things to be found in church which will hold your attention for quite some time .. Baby Jesus and girls (especially at Easter), the later being a most treasured gift of the former.